ROCK Furniture has collectively brought together 30 years of joinery and furniture design expertise.

ROCK Furniture aims to lower the financial cost of installing great wardrobe designs for your home.

Our wardrobe designs are beautiful and have been designed to produce a liveable space for a wide spectrum of different tastes and preferences.

We specialise in residential properties and are always happy to liaise with interior designers, property developers and architects who may be working on larger projects.

We  have called it ROCK. A reflection of the solid, durable and timeless wardrobe designs that drive our contemporary lifestyle company.


The secret to producing a well designed lifestyle product is to understand the customer and their desire. We have listened to the pains and problems of the wardrobe and interior industry for many years and Rock Wardrobes is the result of this research.

ROCK Furniture aims to release new wardrobe designs every year; there is nothing better then seeing designs reflecting from observations of style trends and visual inspiration from around the world. There is also something very satisfying reaching your goal from the sketch you drew on a napkin on holiday  and finally seeing it finished. The combination of these elements provides the look that makes us happy in our day-to-day life.