ROCK Furniture has been inspired by the work of the well known and respected furniture designer; Richard Baker.

Richard has been designing and inspiring furniture design for over 30 years. ROCK Furniture has launched as a result of this experience.

Richard now runs the business with his son William Baker who both share the vision of bringing great wardrobe design into the 21st century.

ROCK Furniture is an online business that aims to lower the financial cost of installing great design into your home.

Dismantling the Luxury wardrobe industry.

ROCK’S choice of wardrobe doors can be added to new wardrobe installations or used as replacement doors in order to create a personal touch to your bedroom.

The space for design is the wardrobe doors. This is where we aim to focus our efforts to make replacement wardrobe doors as simple and seamless as possible.

Our wardrobe designs are beautiful and have been designed to produce a liveable space for a spectrum of different tastes and preferences.

We specialise in residential properties all across the UK and are always happy to speak with interior designers, property developers and architects working on larger projects.

We  have called it ROCK. A reflection of the solid, durable and timeless wardrobe designs that drive our contemporary lifestyle company.

ROCK. will offer our clients the tools to become their own designer and give them the control they need to complete their own interior projects.


Richard has always had an eye for good design and wanted to make it easy for others in different areas of life to benefit from his design knowledge.

The secret to producing a well designed product is to listen. “I have listened to the pains and problems of the wardrobe and interior industry for many years and here is the result. I have listed, built and now I give you ROCK Furniture”.

ROCK Furniture aims to release new wardrobe designs every business quarter and can blame this boundless design on a hunger to be the best and our risk taking towards that goal. There is nothing better then seeing a design you drew on a napkin on holiday finally being hand painted in a customers home. This is the unbeatable feeling that I chase.

Where is ROCK Furniture based?

We are an online business and operate using software applications. We have a database of craftsman, painters and suppliers. We use these to fulfil yours and our design requests.

What colours do you offer?

We can paint your wardrobe any colour that you choose. It’s up to you to communicate the right colour to us before you commit to an order. We use Farrow and Ball and Little Greene.

What interior options do you have?

Again, we can design to suit. However, we offer as standard; Flat and shoe shelves, draws (interior, exterior), Shoe trays, shirt trays, lighting and (single and double) hanging rails.

All in walnut and Oak options.

How long does it take to install a wardrobe?

It takes 6 – 8 weeks to install one of our wardrobes from when you “OK” the drawing the the final coat of paint.

What If I have a carpet floor?

No worries, we always lay our wardrobes on a solid base. Our craftsman know what to do here.

Do I need a craftsman to attach new wardrobe doors?

The doors come with ready drilled bore holes and a hinge for each whole. There are usually three holes. This job is possible for the DIY savvy individual. Equally we can arrange for a craftsman to fit the doors.

How do you paint the wardrobe?

Option 1: We hand paint the wardrobe once it has been fully installed. This option is generally more budget friendly and quicker. It can also minimise the chance of a “mark” on the paint.

Option 2: We spray the doors before we dispatch. This finish is desirable and can complement certain interiors.

You can see all of our transparent pricing on our services page.

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